"A picture is worth a thousand words"

True to the saying, the before and after photos show an amazing 30 day transformation.

 Before After

Suffering from dry skin, sun damage, acne, and other skin issues, Cory completed a 30 day makeover with amazing results. This is his story...

My Ocean and Earth Experience

When I first started to use the O&E products, I wanted them to help dull down my redness and clear my older blemishes I hadn’t been able to get rid of. Every morning is a new morning for skincare, so each day I will wash my face twice with the Face Wash and finish off by applying the Night Cream. Even during the day, I think the Night Cream molds into my skin a bit nicer and makes it feel very fresh.

My experience using these products have been nothing short of a miracle for me. As a younger guy I love to take photos, but I hadn’t found myself being confident enough because my skin had gotten so bad at some points. Through using pretty much just the Face Wash each day and applying the Night Cream as I’ve needed it.

In the past I had tried so many different products to try to help my skin. At one point it had gotten so bad I put an acid on my skin between my eyes to try to burn it away, to no avail. After this I had tried Cetaphil, Garnier facewashes and so many other ones. I found that after trying all these things and then to discover O&E was like a blessing. The face wash was so gentle on my skin that it didn’t feel like it was being stripped down to nothing each time I used it.

After using these products for a few months now I have noticed that my skin is noticeably less red, there are less blemishes and I’ve not had to worry about new acne. Having clearer skin through using O&E products I have gained a lot of confidence and self-worth.

Cory Estall-Smith


New Zealand

 A word from O&E....

Congrats Cory on your experience and thank you for sharing your before and after photos. What an amazing difference. A key ingredient in our Face Wash is Vinanza® Wakame Bioactive Gel, a New Zealand seaweed rich in micronutrient compounds. These bioactives & micronutrients are cooling, soothing and rejuvenating to stressed and damaged skin. The Jojoba beads and kiwifruits seeds help to remove dead skin cells thorough a light exfoliation. Coconut and Aloe provide anti bacterial and moisturising qualities to the skin.

We really do believe these amazing ingredients have helped to repair your skin. As you said, the Night Cream also helped, adding extra skin food to repair, hydrate and sooth your skin.

O&E Face Wash    O&E Night Cream

Congratulations from the Team at O&E