Ocean & Earth Partners


​Pauling Industries is a proudly renowned for being the most certified manufacturer of its kind in this field. Aside from skin care, cosmetic and food products, Pauling Industries also produces goods for the veterinary and medical industries, supplying to DHBs and clinics around New Zealand and globally.

As one of New Zealand’s major professional manufacturers of private label skincare and cosmetics products, we have developed products for some of the world’s leading brands, as well as several exclusive, high-end organic skincare companies. Our experience with these industry leaders mean we are well versed in developing and manufacturing premium products that meet and exceed the highest international quality standards.



New Zealand Extracts is located in the world renowned grape growing region of Marlborough, New Zealand. We're a lean and efficient team of biotechnology professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, pharmacology. research and business development. We came together at NZ Extracts with the common goal of producing functional. 100% natural ingredients from unique raw materials.

​With our 100% Aqua Pure® water extraction process, we are able to produce highly bioactive ingredients from New Zealand grown fruits and berries. Our company is the only one in the world to produce water-extracted ingredients from these raw materials!



The stylised Kiwi trademark is available for and used by licensees of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

​The trademark signifies that a product or service is New Zealand Made according to the rules of the Fair Trading Act. As a registered trademark, it has a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with BNZM and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the trademark.

Established in 1988, this iconic trademark is used as a significant marketing tool for businesses. When products carry the registered Kiwi trademark customers can be confident that the country of origin is New Zealand.




PureNature was founded in 2012 as part of Pure Ingredients Ltd, a key supplier to New Zealand's thriving natural products sector. We supply a vast array of ingredients for skin care, personal care, soap and candle making and all sorts of creative home crafting.

​PureNature brings you New Zealand's largest range of ingredients for skincare, cosmetics, soap and candle making and so much more.

​Every product must meet our strict standards for quality, sustainability and purity before it is approved for sale.




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