Core Principles of Nature

From the Ocean & Earth we infuse natural elements to create unique skin care products from New Zealand​

Ocean and Earth™ Cosmetics is an innovative natural beauty brand infusing high quality natural ingredients from the Ocean and Earth Gardens of New Zealand and around the world.

Ocean and Earth™ is guided by the Core Principles of Nature. Organisations inspired by these principles learn how to embed principles and strategies from nature into their products in order to seek out emerging opportunities.​​

Science, technology and modernization tends to strive to create ever more complicated compounds to create the complexity and diversity we seek. Nature, by contrast, creates all of the immeasurable diversity of life with only a handful of molecules and following instructions embedded in only 4 base pairs that make up DNA. 

​The Ocean is always ravishing in its vast, unpredictable and totally alluring beauty. But there's more to the world's oceans than meets the eye - it is also well known for its healing and beautifying properties. A tidal wave of marine ingredients—from algae to kelp, caviar to seawater are available for  natural beauty care products. Algae has been around for billions of years and because they've had to adapt to survive, they are packed with minerals, proteins, peptides, and anti-aging oils adding incredible cell-renewal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Like the Ocean, Mother Earth can provide a vast array of natural plant oils, powders and grains for natural health and beauty that are farmed and manufactured organically.​

Our business concept follows nature - "Sense, Respond and Adapt". Sense - what is the market looking for, what are the new trends. Respond - research and develop advanced formulation's. Adapt - learn and meet the new trends or demands. We have adapted by infusing natural ingredients and powerful bio actives from the Ocean and Earth to create multi functional new generation products.​

As a result, Ocean and Earth™ is making waves in the natural skincare industry introducing an exciting new range of cosmetic and body care products. We say goodbye to modernization and Hello to Mother Nature. 

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