New Releases

 The Signature Collection 'tres en un ensemble'

A new Signature Collection set is currently in development and features the following high quality products

Manuka Honey & Collagen "Lip Balm" infused with Coconut crème

Black Pearl & Kawakawa "Hand Cream" infused with Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Gingko & Wakame Multi-functional "Day Cream" infused with Manuka Tree Oil

These three luxury items are SPF 40 rated and feature;

Anti-Ageing activity against accelerated ageing by UV Irradiation
Stimulate collagen production
Protect Skin Cells from oxidative stress
Highly moisturising 
Soothe skin
Dark spot reduction


The Skincare Collection

Our SkinCare Collection features three exciting products in our "SPOTLESS" range

​O&E "SPOTLESS" 3in1 Anti-Acne Natural Treatment

  • A 3 in 1 natural treatment consisting of a daily face wash, acne cream, redness away serum, which are all kind to your skin by using advanced bio active ingredients and natural products.  

O&E "SPOTLESS" EPR3 Skincare set.

  • A multi functional cream that address's Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea skin conditions. An "on the go" atomizing spray that calms nerve endings reducing the need to itch, and a Gel which reduces redness and inflammation.

Product Features

  • Reduce itch, redness & inflammation
  • Control bacteria & dryness
  • Repair skin & renew

 O&E "SPOTLESS" Skin Calming Serum

  • A serum which soothes, cools, calms and heals the skin from various skin ailments from scratches to stings.


Bio Complex Seaweed Toner

A toner with 3 complexed bio active seaweeds supported by NZ native black fern, Mamaku, to deliver a blend of high-powered NZ natural botanicals. Red seaweed, one of 3 seaweeds, has vast clinical data behind it that can prove anti-aging properties, provides long lasting hydration, has antioxidants and peptides like collagen, everything that supports healthy skin. NZ native Black fern, Mamaku, is so interesting because it has an unprecedented chain of polysaccharides. When applied to the skin, it is like stretching an elastic band, after a few minutes, it will give an instant lift and firm.

Uni-sex Body & Face Wash

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Wash, sound familiar! Strong yet gentle, effective and elegant. Made with NZ botanicals and ocean actives, our uni-sex all in one body wash is the perfect to throw in your gym bag, take camping, hunting, fishing, on a business trip or while on vacation. Wash your hair with it... shave with it.... bubble bath with it.... wash your head, shoulders, knees and toes with it. Healing land botanical and seaweed bio actives nourish and protect your skin. Essential oils boost antioxidant power as well as infuse this product with the intelligence of the plant world. Plant based fatty acids heal and coat ruffled skin cells. The scent is unisex, fresh, and clean. This product is a classic lifetime formula. Add it to your men's' high quality natural skin care line up today.

O&E Body Moisturiser

Pamper your skin with this moisturizing, all-purpose body moisturiser. This delightful lotion absorbs right into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling yet provides the glide of a luxurious moisturizer. It conditions your skin
while it moisturizes and softens and will stay on even through hand washing. A powerful cocktail of antioxidants featuring NZ native Kawakawa and Coconut help to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging due to sun exposure. Vitamin A boasts a long list of clinically proven restorative, anti-aging, and
youthening properties. This result-oriented formulation will fight free radical damage as well as restore and renew firmness, elasticity, and thickness to the skin.