It started with a Coconut


Kristina & Mark share how O&E began

Eighteen months ago Kristina Lusby came up with an idea that would change her life.​

Ailing from some earlier skin conditions, the 27 year old had successfully been using coconut oil to help soften, moisturize and heal the skin. A time honoured tradition handed down through generations of Cook Islanders.

Holding a 300ml recycled coke bottle containing a specially prepared pure coconut oil sent to her in New Zealand from her Cook Islands grandmother, Kristina saw a glimpse of possibilities. She had found the oil was removing makeup like no other remover she had ever used. Not only did it melt away the makeup with ease, it left her skin soft, supple and clear. So she approached her business mentor – who also happened to be her father – Mark Lusby.​​"I remember it clear as day" Mark says. Kristina approached me and said "I think I might have discovered something…why can’t we import the coconut oil and bottle it in our garage and sell to our friends and family”.

However Mark knew that it wasn’t enough, that while coconut oil is widely used in cosmetics, this deserved and could be something very different. The father and daughter team put their heads together and came up with the concept of melding their respective heritages. Kristina comes from generations of islanders who have known the healing secrets of many natural elements – why not take wise traditional knowledge to another sophisticated level and infuse natural and bio-active ocean ingredients and elements which flourish in tropical environments with those from the New Zealand earth.

​​​After months of extensive research and development with a cosmetics manufacturer, the pair have founded Ocean & Earth.​“In this uncertain world the one thing we can rely on is nature – it’s really getting back to basics and away from chemicals,” says Mark.​​

Kristina says it was important for Ocean & Earth to reflect women’s needs. “There is a realisation for many of us that our lives need to be less complicated – why should our skincare be any different. And this works!”​​​

So it all began with a coconut!

possibly the most famous natural skin care ingredient ever, and was the catalyst behind what was a back yard idea, to what is now Ocean & Earth Cosmetics.

"Natural Products for Natural Beauty"