Family Business
Daughter and Father duo - Pair Up for Business

​​Kristina and Mark, co founders of O&E, teamed up to create a ​unique skin care ​range ​from New Zealand. Together they enhanced an 'actives principle' developing a unique infusion concept of biological actives from the Ocean, with high performance natural ingredients from the Earth.

Producing advanced natural skin and bodycare products that address specific consumer concerns, from basic dry skin to advanced skin conditions, was a big challenge. More than two years of research and development preceded before bootstrapping and launching. Harnessing the enthusiasm of the younger generation and assisting with the business acumen, Kristina and Mark formed Ocean and Earth Cosmetics.​

The cosmetics industry is growing on a global scale and constantly looking for innovations, especially active principles. In the point of view of Galenic, cosmetics are more or less complexes with principles of preparing and compounding ingredients in order to optimize their absorption. These ingredients are subdivided into three broad categories: active principles, excipients and additives. ​​All these active principles play roles in hydration, firming, regeneration, protection and repair and key to our unique skin care range.

To implement our formulation principles, we built a team through collaboration of the best in the industry. Pauling Industries with over 20 years experience, developed our custom products to be in perfect sync with our brand.​ Boasting a diverse ingredient portfolio, state of the art processing facilities and organic certification, Pauling are well versed in developing and manufacturing our complex formulations and premium products.​NZ Extracts experienced team of biotechnology professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, use cutting edge technology to extract highly bio-active ingredients that feature in our products.

Kristina and Mark created a list of business values, meaning to the name of the company and delivery of advanced skin care products to our customers. They wanted their product to stand out in a busy and evolving market. Unique infusion of high performance New Zealand natural ingredients, bio-active elements and formulas with over 90% active ingredients were on top of the list. No dangerous product for your skin or the environment, no silicone's, no SLS's, no parabens, and of course, made in New Zealand is right up there on top of the list too.

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