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The Garden of Eden Series was inspired by life itself through the discovery of three natural products, extracted from Macro Algae and Micro Organisms, which protect the 'Eve's Genes' and 'DNA'.​​Our Garden of Eden series Rejuvenation Facial Oil and EverYoung Eye Serum are high-end lifestyle products, offering exclusivity, high quality and luxury to status-conscious individuals.

Aging gracefully is a mentality - it's acknowledging there are things you can’t change, but accepting that there are things you can do to improve the effects of intrinsic aging and deter extrinsic aging. 

dna protection

The discovery of four Ocean biological actives and their DNA protection of the ​Eves and Longevity Genes, inspired us to create our ​"Garden of Eden" series.​ EPHEMER is an extract of gametophytes: macroalgae cells in the lifecycle of the Undaria Pinnatifida brown algae. EPHEMER protects the genes of Eve (mitochondrial DNA), inherited from mom.

biological actives

We selected four high powered biological ingredients from the Ocean that protect, rejuvenate, hydrate, soothe stressed skin, and improve skin elasticity all at cellular level. Algae & Seaweed has been around for billions of years and because they've had to adapt to survive, they are packed with minerals, proteins, peptides, and anti-aging oils adding incredible cell-renewal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientific Validation​

Ephemeral algae stem cells and antioxidant molecules protect the so-called "Eve genes", i.e. mitochondrial DNA, from oxidative damage, stimulate the synthesis of SIRТ1, the "longevity gene" enzyme, valuing the source of life of the seaweed, supply energy to cells for their intensive revitalization and regeneration.​

​​Ephemeral antioxidant Mitochondria have an ephemeral ability to produce energy in anaerobic conditions, leading to a reduction of free radicals release. With EPHEMER™ HIF-1α gene expression is up regulated (2.6x more than control, in skin explants) leading  leading to a switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.​ 

Scientific Results

EPS Seafill stimulates the synthesis of collagen I by 20%.Human dermal fibroblasts incubated with or without 0.02%EPS Seafill for 5 days. Immunolabelling of Collagen I using fluorescent probe.

EPS Seafill stimulates the synthesis of elastin by 21%.Immobilized lattices of human fibroblasts incubated with or without 0.2% EPS Seafill for 5 days. Immunolabelling of Elastin using fluorescent probe.

Compared to the placebo, Aldavine™ 5X demonstrated an efficacy of 74% when applied post UV exposure. Aldavine™ 5X normalizes the excessive increase of microcirculation caused by UV exposure, thus preventing premature aging.

Aldavine™ 5X is 6 times more efficiency than placebo in decreasing dark circles and 71 % of subject treated with Aldavine™ 5X presented a positive effect.

The Signature Collection

“Longevity” is an antioxidant-rich blend of natures richest moisturizers infused with three powerful hero ingredients that aid in reversing the effects of UV and environmental damage.

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"EverYoung" Eye Serum is a fast absorbing silky smooth serum with an antioxidant-rich blend of natural ingredients infused with four powerful hero ingredients that sooth and moisturize tired eyes.

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Longevity Facial Oil & EverYoung Eye Serum truly are the Benjamin Button of our product range.

The discovery of these three natural ingredients and their DNA protection of the Eves and Longevity Genes inspired us to create our "Garden of Eden Series".​